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Scope of Snapchat in healthcare marketing

Snapchat is the latest social media tool which is quickly gaining popularity. With 200 million active monthly users (and growing), many brands have found ways of leveraging this new medium, using custom filters, the Discover feature, contests and giveaways. However, has this tool become so advanced, that it can be used for healthcare marketing too? In this article, we weigh it’s effectiveness in healthcare marketing.

Confidentiality and privacy

Snapchat is very much a real-time social platform, so snap smart to avoid any problems regarding breach of privacy of your patients.

Another thing to consider is the demographics of Snapchat users. Right now, Boomers and the Greatest Generation probably aren’t snapping their friends pictures of their day, rather, younger generations are likely to be using this social medium. Tailor your content to a younger audience. Service lines such as sports medicine, obesity, maternity, and general health and wellness messages are likely to speak to Millennial and Gen X Snapchat users.

Cross promotion on other social media platforms

It’s important to make sure your community knows you’re on Snapchat. To do so, promote your account on your other social channels, your website and your blog. Hold a contest and give away a basket of health and wellness items from shops around your city or a gift card to the local grocery store to your first 50 followers. After you’ve started your Snapchat and have begun to gain followers, make sure you’re putting out a stream of steady and high-quality content. Make your visuals meaningful to your hospital and your community, but give your followers a user-generated experience. Social media posts tend to perform best when they look and feel like their friend could have created it. Make good use of both the “My Story” feature and sending tailored one-on-one messages, giving your followers the full experience.

Ideas for Snapchat content


Here’s a few ideas to get you started snapping.

New Doctors: Introductions of any new physician you have starting in your health network
A day in the life of a ___: Examples of this could be a doctor, nurse, neurologist, medical technologist, hospital lunch lady, etc.
Awareness for a certain disease or illness: For example, post images of Breast Care Specialists, Radiologists, and Gynecologists with pink text overlay in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month or to promote cancer screenings.
Predictive content around certain holidays: For example, highlight your hospital’s fathers around Father’s Day.
Fundraising Events: Put together a branded photo booth or station at your next gala or fundraiser and encourage attendees to Snapchat selfies or designate a person to Snapchat on behalf of your hospital throughout the night, capturing snapshots of fun and key moments.

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