Why video marketing is essential for doctors

When it comes to medical marketing, dentist videos should be a key part of your marketing campaign. Video is the medium of choice for today’s audiences and the less there is to read the better! Dental videos can accomplish what nothing else can. Videos communicate not only information, but more importantly, emotion! When people search for a dentist they will almost always make their decision based on emotional reasons and then justify that decision with logic. Dental videos reach people emotionally because they can see you speak, hear your voice and observe your body language. In just a few moments they will decide whether they like what they see or whether to keep shopping. You just can’t get that with a wordy bio page on your website with a long list of credentials! Only video can make them like you!

Videos are becoming a very powerful tool of influencer marketing.
Videos are becoming a very powerful tool of influencer marketing. 

Different Videos for Different Needs

There are six key types of videos that you as dentist will want and need when doing video marketing. These videos each have a specific purpose and will help the dentist accomplish targeted goals. Each can also be used in Social Media campaigns, email campaigns and on the dentist’s website.

Clinic Explainer videos

First are the “Clinic Explainer” videos, which introduce your practice as a whole to potential patients. In this video the viewer sees the dentist’s credentials and the services he’s offering. They get a look at your facility and learn about what to expect when they come. Patients love this one because it helps them feel more at ease, reduces uncertainty and makes them feel more comfortable before they even set foot in your  clinic.

Patient Explainer videos

Second are “Patient Explainer” video, which provides prospective patients information on how different types of dental treatments are done. The purpose of such videos is to explain the patients about how different dental treatments are done in a “feel good way” and to remove any apprehensions they may have towards complex dental treatments.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Videos?

The dentists who do video marketing are ahead of the rest The videos can be sent on a lot of different platforms such as social media, website, emails and even whatsapp. Here are some easy things dentists can  of do to get the most out of their videos.

  • Proper Website Placement – Place your videos in the most logical places, NOT on some isolated VIDEO PAGE where they won’t be seen. Put your “Dental Explainer” video on your homepage and make the video player window LARGE. Some dentists will merely put a text link on the page or make the video player too small to garner attention.
  • Social Media – Don’t forget to release your videos regularly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other places that allow video.
  • Video Hosting Sites – Of course you will want to place your videos on YouTube and Vimeo with proper titling, descriptions, tags and thumbnails to get maximum exposure in Google searches. Videos from these sites can be embedded all over the web and passed easily to new audiences.
  • Email campaigns – For dentists that keep patient email lists an excellent idea would be to use a service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp with your videos embedded in a newsletter or special message. If you have a newsletter you can easily embed your videos in the body of the text and ask patients to pass the video along to friends and family. This is a great way to get referrals!


Consumers are 85 percent more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it, according to Invodo.  Make videos about these solutions!  Tell patients you have them and why they need them!  Eventually, you’ll have patients calling your office requesting these products and solutions simply because they know what they are, how they work… and that YOU have them!

Video content needs to be a primary component of your dental practice’s digital marketing mix if you hope to stay relevant and competitive with today’s online consumers. Contact us today for a customized video about your clinic and the services provided now! Simply visit: www.mediconverse.com.

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